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Our Partners

Formed in 2016, our Reconcilers Together Partners are some of the leading peace & reconciliation practitioners rooted in the Christian faith.  

London City

St Ethelburga’s is a ‘maker of peacemakers’. We build community resilience for times of ecological and social emergency. Our vision is for a peaceful, just and inclusive world, rooted in care for each other and our common home.


Our mission is to equip and mobilise leaders to transform conflict within their own specific sectors: education, business, community, government. At the heart of Rose Castle Foundation is ‘a culture of welcome that accepts each person as they are, humbly and with respect.’


Corrymeela’s mission is to “Transform Division through Human Encounter”. In our increasingly divided world, we are a movement of people rallied around one inspirational idea: ‘Together is better’.

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The Blackley Centre is a welcoming, safe and inspiring meeting place for people seeking to transform conflict and make peace. We’re here for people of all faiths to develop and grow in understanding and friendship. We also deliver and host retreats, away days, meetings, training and conferences.

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The Reconciliation Ministry at St Michael’s House is a ministry and space dedicated to the understanding and practice of reconciliation using The Coventry Way which is comprised of prayer, study, and action.


We believe that being a reconciler is an essential part of following Jesus. This is why we’re committed to mobilising a generation to live out their calling as peacemakers and reconcilers, for a just and flourishing society.

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Place for Hope accompanies and equips people and faith communities so that all might reach their potential to be peacemakers who navigate conflict well.

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Bridge Builders wants to see local Christian communities that have a Biblically-grounded culture of peace-making, reaching out to offer life to the world. Everything we do as Bridge Builders is geared towards transforming Christian culture – those ways of thinking and acting that are part of the fabric of Christian life, and often go unexamined.

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Since the 7th century, Lindisfarne has become one of the world's famous sanctuaries for providing a retreat from a busy or confused lifestyle in order to come to terms with inner thoughts, problems, decisions and conflicts. Its remoteness, peace, tranquillity and spirituality are undoubtedly some of the qualities essential for any successful retreat - particularly where healing is an essential part of the process.


The Iona Community is an ecumenical Christian community of men and women from different walks of life and different traditions in the Church engaged together, and with people of goodwill across the world, in acting, reflecting and praying for justice, peace and the integrity of creation; convinced that the inclusive community we seek must be embodied in the community we practice.

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Global Immersion is a North American peacemaking training organization that forms Everyday Peacemakers and Reconciling Leaders to transform conflict and participate in repair. Our immersive approach to leadership formation that leads to social transformation is rooted in the teachings and practices of Jesus.

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