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The Journey of Hope is a 6 month immersive leadership programme for people of faith to transform themselves and their communities through peacemaking

If the past few years has taught us anything, it’s that our personal and collective response in times of crisis and conflict are crucial. As Covid-19, racial injustice, and the climate crisis continue to deeply impact our society, we are inviting you to join Reconcilers Together on a journey of hope: not the kind of hope that simply wishes for change optimistically, but the kind of hope that faces reality, stands in solidarity, and takes radically compassionate action.

Reconcilers Together is a community of committed peacemakers across the UK, Ireland, and North America. We are people of faith who believe that everyday peacemaking, from a place of our deepest values, can reconcile some of the most sacred relationships between ourselves, the Earth, our faith, and with others. 

Learning from some of the leading peacemakers from across the world, and from one another, you will join this community of practice that now includes 70 past participants and partners from 7 different countries. This spiritual pilgrimage will take place both online and in person. We will explore together how to creatively and courageously respond to the fractures of conflict and polarization, cultivating a more relational and resilient society.

​If you believe we can create a more inclusive way of being and want to be inspired by experienced community leaders, dynamic relationships, and innovative practices - this programme is for you. 

Home: About
Home: About

The Journey of Hope is a pilgrimage made up of six modules facilitated by Reconcilers Together, a partnership of some of the leading peace & reconciliation practitioners in the UK, Ireland, and North America from a range of backgrounds and expertise.

From March to July, 20 participants from North American and 20 participants from the UK/Ireland will journey together as we explore the conflicts that impact us all. Each cohort includes monthly peer groups and one to one coaching, both designed to help you grapple with your pressing questions and to refine your community engagement. 

At the end of the six months, you will be invited to embed your learning in your context with the support of our facilitators and partners. You will also be invited to join our intercontinental Community of Practice as Alumni with ongoing coaching, action learning sets, continued professional development, seed grants and regular gatherings.

UK/Ireland Format:

- 6 Learning Modules: 4 hosted in person at various locations and 2 hosted online. 3 of the 6 modules will include both the UK/Ireland and North American Cohorts (2 online and 1 in person).

- Monthly Peer Group gatherings based on region with suggested reflection questions.

- One 90-minute coaching session with your coach of choice. 

- The opportunity to demonstrate your learning from the programme through self-organised community engagement. Support is offered for this up until the end of 2022. 

North America Format:

- 6 Learning Modules: 5 hosted online and 1 hosted in person with the UK/Ireland Cohort at Corrymeela in Northern Ireland. 3 of the 6 modules will include both the North American and UK/Ireland Cohorts (2 online and 1 in person).

- Monthly written self-reflections that will be placed in dialogue with your Peer Groups.

- The option for a monthly 45-minute coaching session.

Both the UK/Ireland and North American cohorts have 20 spaces available. People of all faiths are welcome to apply.

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2022 Programme

Home: Programs

Module 1 - The Journey

March 4th (both cohorts online 4pm - 9pm GMT)

Understanding pilgrimage and moving towards a theology of reconciliation 

  • Core Questions:

    • What is pilgrimage? What is this pilgrimage? How do we receive the gifts that pilgrimage offers?

    • What is a theology of reconciliation and how do we move from theoretical to embodied?

    • Why is asking “Who must I become?” rather than “What do I do?” a better starting point?

Module 2 - Reconciled to Earth

UK/Ireland cohort: March 23rd - 25th (residential hosted by St Ethelburgas at Ammerdown Centre in Somerset)

North American cohort: March 18th & 25th (online 8am - 11amPST)

Understanding the landscape of social and ecological crisis and moving towards resilience

  • Core Questions:

    • How do we find the courage to fully confront the crisis we are in?

    • How do we live deeply in relation with Earth as sacred?

    • How do we grow resilience for ecological and social collapse?

Module 3 - Reconciled to our communities

April 21st (both cohorts online 4pm - 9pm GMT)

Understanding the conflicts that divide us and moving towards inclusion & belonging

  • Core Questions:

    • How do we come to an accurate understanding of our contexts and what divides it?

    • How do we work together to bridge difference and mend divides?

    • How do we create authentic spaces for viewpoint diversity?

Module 4 - Reconciled to our faith

UK/Ireland cohort: May 16th - 18th (residential hosted by Rose Castle in Cumbria)

North American cohort: May 13th & 27th (online 8am - 11am PST)

Understanding the nature of intra and inter faith hostility and moving towards hospitality

  • Core Questions:

    • How do we come to an accurate understanding of the historical harm that has been done by our faith communities, through theology and action? 

    • What is a generative understanding of pluralism?

    • How do we come to understand the common teachings of our faiths and collaborate in a shared mission of repairing the world?

Module 5 - Reconciled to ourselves

June 23rd - 25th (both cohorts residential hosted by Corrymeela in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland)

Understanding the traits of peacemaking and moving towards courage

  • Core Questions:

    • How were we groomed to understand and experience our identities?

    • What are the implications of peace & reconciliation work on our bodies? 

    • What is the role of inner work, psychological integration, and trauma informed practice in peacemaking?

    • What is a vision for a healthy and resilient reconciler?

Module 6 - Reconcilers Together

July 15th

(UK/Ireland event hosted by Reconcilers Together, location TBC / North American event hosted by Global Immersion, location TBC)

Understanding the Community of Practice and moving towards collaboration

  • Core questions:

    • How do we work together to grow a movement for peace?

    • How can the Community of Practice support you in the longterm?​

Our Facilitators

michael g_edited.jpg

Director Different Tracks Global
Ballycastle, Northern Irealnd


Rebecca Brierley

St Ethelburgas Community Reconciliation Programme Manager - London, England


Co-Founder Global Immersion 

Bend, Oregon, USA

osheta pic_edited.jpg

Author, speaker, pastor

St Paul, Minnesota, USA

Home: Meet the Team

Our Co-Facilitators

Each module will be co-facilitated by the following peacemakers from around the world.

We will continue to update this list as details are confirmed. 

rene a_edited.jpg

Tearfund Peacebuilding Co-Lead - Cape Town, South Africa


Executive Director of the Emergence Network - Chennai, India

pat mccabe_edited.jpg

Ceremonial leader & global peace activist - New Mexico, North America

jason fileta_edited.jpg

Jason Fileta

Vice President Tearfund USA - Portland, OR, USA


Faith based community mediator - London, UK


Co-sustainer of Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice and Eloheh Farm & Seeds, Oregon, USA


St Ethelburga's CEO - London, UK

ben mcbride_edited.jpg

Founder & CEO of the Empower Initiative - California, USA

Fiona KJ_edited.jpg

Spiritual Director & Pilgrim Guide - Copenhagen, Denmark 


Corrymeela Community Leader - Ballycastle, Northern Ireland


International Alert Regional Director (Middle East, North Africa & Asia) - London, UK


Spiritual ecologist - London, UK

Denise Bradley_edited_edited.jpg

Corrymeela Marginilisation Programme Manager - Belfast, Northern Ireland


Rose Castle Founding Director - Cumbria, UK


St Ethelburga's Refugee Allies Programme Manager - London, UK


St Ethelburga's Radical Resilience Programme Manager - London, UK

Home: Meet the Team

Our learning values

Home: What We Do


Rooted in Christian peacemaking, we welcome people of all faiths to join. Our way of being together will include scripture & sacred texts, silence & prayer, rituals & rhythms.


Stories will be central - of place, of people, of conflict, of hope. Our participants will be invited to share their own stories, listen to others, and learn to tell new ones.


From conflict mapping to facilitating difficult conversations, our training will give you the practical tools to gain confidence in peacebuilding and reconciliation.


We will demonstrate what our theories look like in practice and provide structure for you to develop your own community action, including measuring impact.


We know that leadership and facing into conflict can be challenging. The training includes peer learning groups, one to one mentoring, and tailored support.


Whether we meet online or in person, our gatherings will include time for personal reflection, embodied practice, silence and connection to nature.


It is the most precious feeling to have 20+ people watching my back. I feel so bonded and many have described it as a tribe - that's just what it feels like. For me it was humbling and affirming to be included in this pilgrimage as someone with minimal experience in reconciliation practice, put alongside people with huge experience and wisdom and influence. We have all been so invested in, so supported, so affirmed, so equipped. It is the best possible foundation for the future as I navigate whatever territory God leads me into, and I am MASSIVELY grateful - to God and to all at Reconcilers Together. What a privilege. It's hard to stop raving about it!

Journey of Hope 2019 Participant

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We’ve structured payments on an equity scale to make it accessible to a range of people.
We welcome conversations around personal circumstances.

 £800 ($1,100)

Pay in full

Includes all modules, food & accommodation where necessary

£500 ($800)

Pay what you can

Includes all modules, and food & accommodation where necessary

£100 ($200)


For those who are currently students, on low income or unemployed. Includes all modules, food & accommodation where necessary, and any associated travel

Home: Price List

Expression of interest

We are aiming to gather diverse cohorts of participants who will support one another in their learning and development. We are looking for a range of faiths, ages, ethnic backgrounds, geographical contexts, and conflict issues. The experience within the group will be an important resource for taking your own reconciliation work to the next level. The application deadline is Friday February 4th, 2022 but early applications are appreciated. 

We welcome applicants who:

  • Have a passion to take action for a more just and peaceful world

  • Are a part of a faith or spiritual community

  • Can sustainably root their activism in the vision/values of their faith/spiritual community

  • Have some experience of  community engagement in any form

For more information and a link to the application, please fill out the below:

Thanks for submitting!

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